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CleanSearch® Publication Management submits requests for permanent exclusion or permanent inclusion of bankruptcy records and files from The Innovative Data Search Database (Licensor). The same database which powers the website.

CleanSearch is a professional reputation service provider. Our focus is on speed and comprehensive service. We offer complete removal from virtually all online publication sources. Clean Search is a certified agent for Online Bankruptcy Search Engine Database, featuring over 11 million online files.

Fees are based on associated costs, including customer support, labor, technical expertise and data maintenance. This is optional service, you are not obligated or encouraged to use our services in any way.

Our publication management process is generally completed in 24 hours or less!
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Your name will be permanently removed from the database, website and related search engine listings.  Your records will be permanently excluded from any future publication.

CleanSearch® removes all indications of the associated content from Google, BING and Yahoo!  The process is completed in 24 to 48 hours!  The associated file, name and all related content will be removed from, and search engine facilities.

Service is confidential and expeditious.  Success is 100% Guaranteed.

Please read our terms of serviceOur Fee Only $95. Includes full support, call amytime.

Activate immediate processing file removal now from

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